Carbon Steel Discussed – Its Uses and Properties

Can you imagine a world without modern mega-structures? It would not look modern in any way. Steel is the most popular material used in construction projects. You need it for small and large-scale projects as reinforcing material for concrete and other materials. It also comes in handy for making the tools used in masonry and building. Indeed, steel can only deliver this amount of versatility and reliability because of its amazing intrinsic qualities. Read More 

Safety Tips to Consider When Using Scissor Lifts

One of the best lifts you can use in your company today is a scissor lift. Scissor lifts come with a stable platform that's limited to vertical movements, unlike other forms of lifts. This is one of the features that is known to promote safety when one is using a scissor lift, but it's not the only safety measure that can help prevent accidents. These lifts still need special handling to avoid accidents, and that's why business owners and managers need to ensure certain safety measures are taken. Read More 

Primary Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Earthmoving Equipment

Are you about to start a construction project? One of the best ways to ensure your project is a success is to get the right earthmoving equipment. Earthmoving equipment comes in different forms and sizes, and buying them can be costly. Do not fret if you don't have enough funds to buy — you can always hire. Currently, there are many companies that offer earthmoving equipment hire services, making it easy for people to get any earthmoving equipment. Read More 

Maintenance Tips for an Induction Motor

An induction motor is a robust and reliable electric component used in agricultural, industrial and commercial applications. One advantage of this type of motor is its high operational efficiency. Furthermore, because it does not have many moving parts, an induction motor is known for its longevity and power. However, from time to time, you need to inspect and maintain an induction motor for enhanced performance and service life. Here are some maintenance tips for an induction motor. Read More 

Top Benefits of Industrial Broom Metal Brackets

Some industrial brooms have metal brackets, while others have plastic ones. Most facility managers are tempted to choose brooms with plastic brackets, whereas the best option is always metal brackets. This article highlights reasons an industrial broom should have metal brackets as opposed to plastic ones. Adjustable Diameter — Industrial broom handles come in a variety of sizes. Some are broad, while others are narrow. Therefore, it is essential to consider handle size when choosing a broom bracket. Read More