Three Qualities to Look for in a Dog Fence

Dogs are man's best friend. In as much as they may know you as the owner, and also know their way home, it is advisable to ensure that your home has safety measures that protect them from wandering off. If you live in the rural areas where land is expansive and the possibilities of the pet getting lost are higher, you should consider installing a dog fence around your property. With so many dog fence types in the market, it can be hard to tell which one works best. Here are some tips to help you choose the ideal fence type to suit your needs.

The Level of Privacy

In most homes, the dog fence will also serve as the main fence for the home. When choosing it, you need to consider your privacy needs. Pick a fence that is high enough to cover most of the parts of the homes in which you do not want to be seen by strangers. On the other hand, if privacy is not a major concern for you, you can choose a picket fence or other wireless fence types which offer a higher level of transparency.

The Security Offered by the Fence

The primary role of a fence is to offer you security. First, it should make it impossible for an intruder to access your yard. Second, it should make it impossible for children and pets to leave the compound unattended. The security level of a fence is determined by the amount of space between the fence and the ground, the height of the fence and the material used to make the fence. If the clearing space between the bottom of the fence and the ground is big, people and animals will squeeze under it. Similarly, if the gaps between the slats are wide, movement in and out will be easy. Select a fence you can fortify with electricity and an alarm system to ensure that unwanted intruders stay away.

The Maintenance Needs

One of the reasons people stay away from living fences is the amount of maintenance they need. If you want to invest in an artificial fence, you have to pick one that needs as little maintenance as possible. Maintenance includes cleaning and making minor fixes and repairs when the fence shows signs of falling apart.

These are the three most important qualities to have in a fence. As long as you buy materials from professionals and invite an expert to handle the installation, you will be assured of a safe and secure home for you and the pets. 

For more information on dog fencing, reach out to a fencing company near you.