Do you need a trade waste system?

How much thought do you give to the wastewater discharged by your business? Perhaps you are primarily concerned with serving your customers and don't think about what happens to the wastewater. However, wastewater, known as trade waste, frequently contains contaminants that could cause serious problems for sewerage systems. Legally you are obliged to treat trade waste before it enters the sewer system and must have the appropriate infrastructure fitted to remove the contamination.

What businesses generate trade waste?

Many types of businesses could generate trade waste. Industrial operations or food outlets are obvious candidates for trade waste, but the list is often much longer. Trade waste can come from shopping centres, hospitals, mortuaries, car washes and hotels. While most trade waste must be treated, some trade waste can be accepted directly into the sewer system. Acceptable waste must comply with certain chemical and physical characteristics, including colour, nitrogen levels, pH value and solidity. If you believe your trade waste may not need treating, contact your local authority.

Why is trade waste a problem?

Water that enters the sewer system is treated before it re-enters the water supply, but certain contaminants, such as chemicals, grease and oils, can damage or clog the system. The contaminants could also cause illness if the trade waste is not treated appropriately. Volatile liquids, metals, radioactive substances and bacteria must all be dealt with before the trade waste enters the sewer. If your business generates trade waste, you must obtain a trade waste permit to prove that the company is fully compliant and has suitable trade waste systems in place.

What trade waste systems are needed?

There are many ways that trade waste could be treated, and you must choose trade waste systems that are appropriate for the type of waste you are generating. You may need to fit an oil water separator to remove the oil from the water. Alternatively, a grease trap could be needed to keep all the grease out of the sewers and allow it to be disposed of separately. Talk to your supplier of trade waste systems to discover the most suitable systems to clean your waste. When choosing trade waste systems, you should consider not just the system function, but how easy it is to clean and maintain. The operation of your company will be dependent upon a working treatment system, so select an option that will be suitable for the longer term.

For more information on trade waste systems, contact a company near you.