Car Storage Solutions — Three Trends To Consider

With population density increasing, car storage is at a more of a premium than ever before. And it's not just at a city street level — homeowners are running low on storage space for their car collection at home. With multiple adults living under one roof, home garages fill quickly, meaning that some vehicles are being left out in the cold. Don't leave your luxury car out on the driveway where is it at risk from weather damage and theft. From car lifts to multilevel at-home parking, here are three car storage trends that can make sure that your investments are protected.  

1. Double Or Triple Level Garages 

Whilst multi-car garages have always been a feature of luxury homes, they have traditionally been one level. However, homeowners have begun to take advantage of the vertical space in their garages that is normally just dead space. Multi-level car garages allow you to store a large car collection securely with cars "stacked" — usually with the lesser-used cars on the top level and daily drives on the ground floor.

And of course, if you have a multi-level parking solution, you are going to need a way to lift each car from level to level. Which brings up the next car storage solution below.

2.  Car Elevators 

With cars stored on multiple levels, you are going to need a safe and secure way to lift and lower your cars. Car elevators present a luxury solution to car storage and are now cheaper than ever. Even though car lifts have historically been a costly investment, when weighed up against the choice of a full garage extension and expansion, they are often the less expensive option. 

The process of getting a car lift installed in your garage is quick and easy. Contact a car lift installer to discuss your options — often a car lift can be fitted in less than a day. 

3. Underground Parking

For luxury cars that are only driven a few times a year, you might need a more long term storage solution. If you've considered storing your car at a storage facility you may have crunched the numbers and realised that this is an expensive solution. Off-site parking can be expensive and may not give you peace of mind as you cannot have your car at home and on hand to check on when you need to.

Underground parking could be a solution to your car storage challenge. Cars that are underground are hidden away, meaning that your investment is even safer.

Cars that are parked underground will require a car lift to get them up to ground level. 

If you are considering any of these home car storage solutions, contact a professional car lift provider to discuss your unique needs.