Industrial Methods for Cutting Aluminium

There are many uses for aluminium in the present day. It can often be seen in furniture, window frames and components for the aerospace industry, although there are many more uses. Of course, any products or parts that are made from aluminium will usually need to be cut to the design's desired dimensions. What are the primary techniques for aluminium cutting that are in use nowadays? Laser Cutting The use of lasers for cutting a wide range of metals is widespread in Australia. Read More 

Helping You Choose Chemical Metering Pumps

Chemical metering pumps are used in industries to help move a particular amount of fluid — in this case, chemicals — over a particular period or in intervals. It mainly helps achieve an accurate volumetric flow rate. The act of adjusting flow rates is referred to as metering, proportioning or dosing, and that is why the pump is referred to as a chemical metering, proportioning or dosing pump. Why the Need to Meter Fluid/Chemicals? Read More 

Understanding Welding (TIG and MIG Welders)

You might have heard the terms TIG and MIG welders and wondered what they mean or have to do with your welding needs. This article aims to highlight the various techniques used in welding, which techniques suit your welding needs and why. You, of course, know that welding is the process of joining two pieces of metal together using a welding gun. You might either want to form a joint or lengthen a metal rod; whatever your reason is, you need to understand the difference between MIG and TIG welding techniques. Read More 

Three Qualities to Look for in Air Compressors

The uses of air compressors in the industrial environment are countless. Air compressors are used in machine tools, spray painting and the handling of materials. The tools made with air compressors are popular because of their safety and convenience. They also use air as a resource as opposed to gas or electricity, which means that they can be used on virtually every location. Air compressors work safely, even in places with high temperatures and other hazards such as explosions. Read More