Top Benefits of Industrial Broom Metal Brackets

Some industrial brooms have metal brackets, while others have plastic ones. Most facility managers are tempted to choose brooms with plastic brackets, whereas the best option is always metal brackets. This article highlights reasons an industrial broom should have metal brackets as opposed to plastic ones. Adjustable Diameter — Industrial broom handles come in a variety of sizes. Some are broad, while others are narrow. Therefore, it is essential to consider handle size when choosing a broom bracket. Read More 

Lifting Chain Equipment: 4 Maintenance and Safety Tips for Your Chain Hoist

For work environments that deal with industrial equipment, regular maintenance is a vital safety precaution. A crane is typically highly useful but also extremely dangerous. Therefore, ensuring you maintain your crane's chain hoist is crucial in offering a safe working environment for your workers. Besides, regular maintenance of your crane ensures it functions more efficiently.  Continue reading this post for four safety and maintenance tips for your crane chain hoist: Read More 

Industrial Methods for Cutting Aluminium

There are many uses for aluminium in the present day. It can often be seen in furniture, window frames and components for the aerospace industry, although there are many more uses. Of course, any products or parts that are made from aluminium will usually need to be cut to the design's desired dimensions. What are the primary techniques for aluminium cutting that are in use nowadays? Laser Cutting The use of lasers for cutting a wide range of metals is widespread in Australia. Read More 

Helping You Choose Chemical Metering Pumps

Chemical metering pumps are used in industries to help move a particular amount of fluid — in this case, chemicals — over a particular period or in intervals. It mainly helps achieve an accurate volumetric flow rate. The act of adjusting flow rates is referred to as metering, proportioning or dosing, and that is why the pump is referred to as a chemical metering, proportioning or dosing pump. Why the Need to Meter Fluid/Chemicals? Read More 

Understanding Welding (TIG and MIG Welders)

You might have heard the terms TIG and MIG welders and wondered what they mean or have to do with your welding needs. This article aims to highlight the various techniques used in welding, which techniques suit your welding needs and why. You, of course, know that welding is the process of joining two pieces of metal together using a welding gun. You might either want to form a joint or lengthen a metal rod; whatever your reason is, you need to understand the difference between MIG and TIG welding techniques. Read More