Top Benefits of Industrial Broom Metal Brackets

Some industrial brooms have metal brackets, while others have plastic ones. Most facility managers are tempted to choose brooms with plastic brackets, whereas the best option is always metal brackets. This article highlights reasons an industrial broom should have metal brackets as opposed to plastic ones.

Adjustable Diameter — Industrial broom handles come in a variety of sizes. Some are broad, while others are narrow. Therefore, it is essential to consider handle size when choosing a broom bracket. One disadvantage that plastic broom brackets have is that they restrict the size of the broom's handle. This makes them a poor choice for adjustable broom handles. Moreover, forcing a large broom handle into a small plastic bracket causes cracks and splintering. On the other hand, metal broom brackets have an adjustable diameter thanks to the wing nut on the metal bracket. This allows cleaners to insert a wide range of handle sizes without damaging the bracket.

Ease of Handle Replacement — Replacing the handles of a few yard brooms can be done in a couple of minutes, even if the brackets are made from plastic. However, most industrial yards own more than a couple of brooms; hence, efficiency is critical during handle replacement. The downside with plastic broom brackets is that cleaners have to unscrew each handle off then screw in the replacement piece. This can take a long time. Metal broom brackets are easier to handle because all you need to do is turn the wind nut, remove the old handle, insert a new one, and then tighten the wing nut. No time is wasted, and very little energy is expended.   

Tempered Carbon Steel — The metal brackets on high-quality industrial brooms are made from hardened, tempered carbon steel, and that explains their durability. Plastic broom brackets are made from hardened plastic and can hold their own when put to task. That said, extra care is necessary when fitting and securing the handles in plastic brackets. For instance, screwing a fastener that is a millimetre bigger can crack the plastic bracket. This is something you do not have to worry about with metal broom brackets. The tempered carbon steel will still remain in good condition even if you try to force a slightly bigger fastener through the hole. This is common when equipment managers want to replace a damaged yard broom head but cannot find fasteners that fit in the pre-drilled holes on the metal brackets.

For more information about metal broom brackets, speak with a supplier.