Three Fundamental Tips for Planning for Your Compressor Overhaul

If your compressor is not working at optimal levels or has failed, you should plan for an overhaul. In general, compressors are highly durable and will provide long-term service in industrial environments. However, the equipment also experiences heavy and constant usage. Therefore, internal wear might occur, leading to a deterioration in function. Compressor overhauls are essential for managing internal damage. Usually, a specialist technician will disassemble and inspect all the components. The goal is to identify faults, conduct repairs and replace the compromised elements. If you are planning for a compressor overhaul for the first time, use these simple tips to get good results.

Evaluate the Problems

You should evaluate the specific forms of damage in your industrial compressor before scheduling the overhaul. Proper cataloguing of the problems will provide the technician with adequate information for planning for the overhaul. Some common issues to watch out for during your evaluation include declining function, unusual noises and leakage of fluids. Describe your concerns to your chosen specialist for guidance on restoration.

Consider Overhaul Options

The right approach to your compressor overhaul will depend on the extent of damage, the available time and your choice. Therefore, you should understand the options before proceeding with the work. The primary approaches to an overhaul are rebuilding and remanufacturing. The rebuild option is favoured in most cases because the technician in charge of the repairs will handle the tasks on the industrial worksite. The process involves disassembling the compressor and finding the malfunctioning components. The specialist will replace or repair these elements before putting back the compressor together. In simple terms, a rebuild focuses on resolving existing problems. Remanufacturing is more intensive. The compressor is transported to a factory, usually the original manufacturing facility. The technicians will replace all parts and use the blueprints and specifications to restore the compressor to its original state.

Plan for Parts Acquisition

When planning for a compressor overhaul, you should consider the replacement components. Choose an acquisition option to avoid delays in the repair process. If you are interested in remanufacturing, you will not need to purchase the parts independently. Remanufacturing is about restoring the compressor to the state it was when it was new. Therefore, the overhaul will use original equipment parts from the manufacturer. If you have chosen a simple rebuild, you can purchase third-party or aftermarket components for the repair. Moreover, you might also be able to buy used products to reduce your total overhaul expenses.