Features of an Excellent Car Elevator

Today's problems call for sustainable solutions that strike a perfect balance between costs, functionality and convenience. For example, commercial buildings thrive when they have hundreds to thousands of occupants taking up space in the building. The challenge arises when all these people need to find a place to park their vehicles as they go about their businesses. How do you ensure that traffic moves fast and safely into and out of parking slots? The answer is car elevators. 

Car elevators eliminate the need for motorists to glide through driveways for several minutes as they look to slip into a parking slot. With this equipment, you can manage traffic easily and reduce congestion in driveways. If you want to buy car elevators for the first time, here is are some of the features you should look for: 

Generous Cabins

A good car elevator should have a generous cabin. A large cabin makes life easy for motorists as they manoeuvre into and out of the elevator. It also means that the elevator can accommodate different vehicle sizes from small passenger cars to large utility vehicles and trucks. Ideally, widths over two thousand millimetres and depths over one thousand three hundred millimetres should be adequate. 

A robust build is also necessary for a good car elevator. Soft-touch stainless steel is often the material of choice for commercial setups.

Rear and Front Cabin Doors

It would also help to have a car elevator with rear and front cabin doors. Such a set-up allows the driver to enter and leave the elevator from either side. They can avoid congested routes as they navigate through parking spots and tight driveways. Additionally, opening the doors from the front and rear side saves time and protects cars from scratches and dents because the driver can avoid sharp and treacherous turns. 

Special Circuit Controls 

Car elevators are all about safety and convenience. One way to ensure this is by giving the driver the maximum visibility of the surrounding so that they can make informed decisions. When choosing a car elevator, make sure it comes with a unique circuit control with an integrated display to show the vehicle's position. Additional sensors can also be brought into the systems to sound an audible warning when the driver gets too close to either of the walls

Such systems come in handy for inexperienced drivers who might not be excellent at maneuvering through tight spots. Auxiliary circuit devices also enable the driver to control the car elevator without leaving their vehicles.

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