Why Choose a Red Laser Level?

When you buy a new laser level. you have to choose between a model that comes with a green or red beam. While red was the traditional beam colour for many years, green has increased in popularity.

However, there are some arguments for sticking with a red laser level. What are they?

Lower Cost

Red laser levels typically cost less than green ones. It takes a different and more complicated type of diode technology to create a green beam than a red one. This adds to the cost of the device.

So, if a red level will do the job you need, you might not see any benefits from spending more to get a green one. The red laser will do the job you need and save you money.

Longer Battery Life

Green laser levels need more energy to work effectively. So, they use their battery power more quickly than red models do. While this might not be a problem if you work on quick jobs and have opportunities to recharge your batteries, it's a problem if you're working on larger jobs where you have to use the laser level for longer periods.

In these cases, you'll get more charge time out of a red laser level. You won't need to switch batteries or wait for it to recharge.

Better Receiver Compatibility

Laser levels sometimes need to make contact with receivers on certain jobs. For example, a receiver might be mounted on earthmoving equipment to help plan out and guide a dig.

The problem is that many receivers are only set up to work with a red laser beam. They won't connect with a green light. So, if your jobs will include outdoor receiver work, then a red laser level is a better bet.

Ability to Extend the Range

Green laser levels have one built-in advantage over red ones when it comes to measuring distance. Green beams typically work better over longer distances; they have a better range.

However, you can easily pair a red laser level with a laser detector. These devices extend the level's range to make sure that it works over longer distances. This gives it comparable measuring power.

Even though you'll have to pay extra for a detector, this won't break the bank. You'll typically find that the costs of buying a detector and a red laser level will be lower than buying a green alternative.

To find out more about the benefits of choosing a red beam, ask laser level suppliers for advice.