Three Qualities to Look for in Air Compressors

The uses of air compressors in the industrial environment are countless. Air compressors are used in machine tools, spray painting and the handling of materials. The tools made with air compressors are popular because of their safety and convenience. They also use air as a resource as opposed to gas or electricity, which means that they can be used on virtually every location. Air compressors work safely, even in places with high temperatures and other hazards such as explosions. Positive displacement compressors, which are among the most important compressor types, are very popular. Here are the three qualities which you ought to look for in compressors.

The Airflow of the Compressor

The first quality to look for in an air compressor is the volume of air it allows within its system at any given time. Normally, airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute. An ideal compressor is one whose air output in cubic feet per minute is greater than the CFM input. If when testing a tool, you discover that you need to keep pausing its used to wait for the air to refill itself, chances are that the capacity of the compressor has been greatly reduced. Ask for the actual cubic feet per unit number from the person selling the unit as this will determine the capacity of usable air in the machine.

The Working Environment

The working environment where you intend to use the compressor also matters a lot. Knowing the environment will help you decide between an electric motor or gasoline engine. The advantage with electric motors is that they are cheap and easy to maintain. On the other hand, gas powered motors for your compressor will give the machine more portability, making gas a viable option for sites where a lot of movement is needed.

Consider Additional Specs

Other factors to check when shopping for compressors include the size of compressor tank. For instance, if you need a tool for quick bursts of usage, a small tank will suffice. On the other hand, if you need a tool that will work for the long term, it is advisable to consider a compressor with a large tank. Finally, determine the horsepower needed as it will determine how many PSI the compressor will provide.

These are the three crucial considerations to make when looking for a reliable and effective air compressor for your pneumatic and other tools. Buy air compressors and buy air compressor parts from trusted brands as this will assure you of superior quality and durability.