How to Tell When You Should Repair Your Hydraulic Hose

A lot of industrial machines and pieces of equipment use a hydraulic hose. These hoses are made to be strong and durable. However, these pipes can get damaged after long periods of use. In such cases, it is best to work with the experts in repairing hydraulic hoses. It is vital to have your hydraulic hose fixed as soon as you notice issues. That is because a damaged hose can be dangerous. Here is how to identify when you need hydraulic hose repairs. 

Frequent Oil Leaks

A common sign that your hydraulic hose needs fixing is when you experience repeated leaks. One reason why the tubing may be leaking is due to a damaged O-ring. Once the O-ring gets damaged, then oil can escape from the tube. Thus, you may need to replace your O-ring to prevent more leaks. Another cause of oil leaks is the lack of proper connection. That mostly happens when the connection is tighter than necessary. If your hose assembly and O-ring are okay, you may need to replace your hydraulic hose assembly. 

Twists and Kinks on the Hose

In typical situations, your hose should not have kinks. Once your hydraulic hose starts twisting and having kinks, it puts you and your workers at risk. That is because the pressure will start building within the pipe. Liquids moving through the tube should flow freely. The presence of twists prevents a free flow of the fluid. Therefore, the pressure will start building up, and the hose can burst. The presence of kinks in the pipes also increases the chances of oil leaks. Thus, it is best to get the experts to repair your hydraulic hose when you start noticing twists. 

Damage on the External Cover

After using the hydraulic hose for some time, it will likely get scuffed up. The outside cover on these pipes is usually made to endure a long-time usage. Thus, keep checking for signs of scuffs or scrapes on your tubing. Once you notice the presence of external damage, you should get an expert to do the necessary repairs. Keep in mind that the exterior damage on your hose can cause hose failure. That is because there will be a reduction in the reinforcement. If there is a lot of damage on the outer cover, then you may need to replace the hose. 


It is vital to keep checking your hydraulic hose for any signs of damage so you identify problems before they get worse. Call hydraulic hose repair companies for further assistance.