Primary Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Earthmoving Equipment

Are you about to start a construction project? One of the best ways to ensure your project is a success is to get the right earthmoving equipment. Earthmoving equipment comes in different forms and sizes, and buying them can be costly. Do not fret if you don't have enough funds to buy — you can always hire. Currently, there are many companies that offer earthmoving equipment hire services, making it easy for people to get any earthmoving equipment. All you have to do is determine your requirements and then outline them to your service provider to get the most appropriate equipment.

But, how will you know that the contractor equipment hire company you want to work with is suitable? Asking some strategic questions can help you determine if you should rent the equipment from them or not. Some of these questions are outlined below.

What's your pick up/delivery procedure?

Once you have chosen the right piece of equipment and set the project start date, it's advisable to ask your provider about their pick up or delivery schedules. Do they have specific days for picking or dropping off the earthmoving equipment or will you be forced to adjust your timeline? What will happen if you don't pick up or deliver the equipment as planned? Knowing all the delivery or pick-up policies will help you avoid disagreements with your service provider and paying unnecessary delay fees.

Can you provide training for new equipment?

Are you getting new piece equipment from your service provider that your operators don't know how to use? You should consider asking if they offer operator training and how much they charge for the training. Can they recommend a company that trains operators if they don't provide the service? Or, can they provide trained operators to operate the equipment at a reasonable rate if you can't afford to wait for your operators to be trained?

What about equipment maintenance?

Although your service provider will ensure that the equipment is in excellent condition before delivering it or allowing you to pick it up, it's important to talk about the maintenance plan. All equipment, whether old or new, must be maintained regularly to prevent breakdowns that cause project delays or accidents. Your provider will check the maintenance schedules, make the necessary plans and communicate with you to avoid any mishaps. Note that some equipment providers will ask you to maintain the equipment whenever it's in your custody.